17-4PH Stainless Steel Powder

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing. 3D printing technology is a kind of rapid prototyping technology. Many different metals and metal alloys are used in additive manufacturing.

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Product Description

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing. 3D printing technology is a kind of rapid prototyping technology. Many different metals and metal alloys are used in additive manufacturing. By using metal powders, it prints and constructs objects layer by layer based on digital model files. In recent years, with the rapid development of 3D printing equipment, 3D printing has been widely used in the industrial fields, such as model and mold manufacturing, automobile, aerospace, dentistry and medical treatment education.17-4PH stainless steel powder is one of the most used material for 3D printing. Stainless Steel Powder Stainless steel powder 17-4PH is spherical with high strength, high hardness, excellent corrosion resistance, fracture toughness, and heat treatment. Nitrogen Atomization Spherical Stainless Steel Powder has the characteristics of low impurity content, high sphericity (good fluidity of interval powder), no chemical segregation and stable performance.
Product Specification
Component Cr Ni Cu Si Mn C
Standard % 15.5-17.5 3-5 3-5 ≤1 ≤1 ≤0.07
Test% 16.91 4.38 4.13 0.55 0.068 0.05
Component P S O Nb Fe
Standard % / / / 0.15-0.45 Bal.
Test% 0.01 0.002 0.049 0.38 Bal.


Product Properties

  1. Appearance: Grey spherical or nearly spherical powder
  2. Tapping Density: 4.46g/m3
  3.  Apparent density: 4.01g/m3
  4. Flowability: 24.72s/50g
  5. Size: 15-53um
  6. PSD:D10=21.94μm,D50=35.58μm,D90=53μm


  • High Sphericity& High flowability;
  • Low oxygen content. The Oxygen content is 300-800PPM;
  • Narrow Particle Size Distribution.
Size (um) Tapping Density (g/cm³) Flowability (s/50g) PSD (um)
D10 D50 D90
15-45um 4.4-4.8 ≤30 20-24 30-35 50-55
15-53um 4.4-4.9 ≤30 21-26 33-39 52-58
45-120um 4.4-4.8 ≤30 53-57 89-93 144-152

Note: Other 3D printing powders are available upon any custome requirements


Stainless Steel Powder:


Nominal Composition



C Si Cr Ni Mn Mo Cu W V Fe
316L ≤0.03 ≤1.00 16.0~18.0 10.0~14.0 ≤2.00 2.0~3.0 Bal.
304L ≤0.03 ≤1.00 18.0~20.0 8.0~12.0 ≤2.00 Bal.
17-4PH ≤0.07 ≤1.00 15.0-17.5 3.0~5.0 ≤1.00 3.00-5.00 Bal. NB:0.15~0.45
HK30 0.25~0.35 ≤1.50 24.0~26.0 19.0~22.0 ≤2.00 ≤0.5 Bal.
4340 0.38~0.43 0.15~0.35 0.7~0.9 1.65~2.00 0.6~0.8 0.2~0.3 Bal.
430 ≤0.12 ≤0.75 16.0~18.0 ≤1.00 Bal.
440C 0.95~1.25 ≤1.00 16.0~18.0 ≤1.00 Bal.
440CN 0.95~1.25 ≤1.00 16.0~18.0 ≤1.00 ≤0.5 Bal.
420J1 0.16~0.25 ≤1.00 12.0-14.0 ≤0.6 ≤1.00 Bal.
420J2 0.30~0.40 ≤1.00 12.0-14.0 ≤0.6 ≤1.00 Bal.
S136 0.20~0.45 0.8~1.0 12.0-14.0 ≤1.00 0.15~0.40 Bal.
D2 1.40~1.60 ≤0.4 11.0~13.0 ≤0.6 0.8~1.2 0.2~0.5 Bal.
H11 0.32-0.45 0.6-1 4.7-5.2 0.2-0.5 0.8-1.2 0.2-0.6 Bal.
H13 0.32-0.45 0.8-1.2 4.75-5.5 0.2-0.5 1.1-1.5 0.8-1.2 Bal.
M2 0.78~0.88 0.2-0.45 3.75-4.5 0.15-0.4 4.5-5.5 5.5-6.75 1.75-2.2 Bal.
M4 1.25~1.40 0.2-0.45 3.75-4.5 0.15-0.4 4.5-5.5 5.25~6.5 3.75~4.5 Bal.
T15 1.4-1.6 0.15-0.4 3.75-5 0.15-0.4 11.75-13 4.5-5.25 Bal. Co:4.75~5.25


Pulverizing process:

  1. Matching, we need to match the alloy according to the proportion.
  2. Melting, put the prepared metal alloy in a high temperature for melting and smelting, so that the metal powder becomes a flowing liquefied body.
  3. After high temperature, the alloy is deoxidized, slag-forming, slag-removing, and slag-removing treatment, and finally added to the alloy product.
  4. After cooling and grinding, the product is filtered and cooled, and then the alloy block metal is pulverized. The pulverized powder particles are sent to the cyclone separation or rotating drum by wind force, and the ventilation reaches a certain level. The product is collected, and finally sieved and packaged into a product. By filtering out residual materials or substances with excessively large particles, qualified products are packaged for processing.


  1. 3D Printing
  2. Injection molding(MIM)
  3. Powder metallurgy(PM)
  4. Spraying coating(SP) etc.

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MIM products can be complex in shape, precise in size, high in strength and produced automatically in large quantities, and can significantly reduce the complexity and cost of traditional metalworking

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Electron beam melting refers to a vacuum melting method in which the kinetic energy of a high speed electron beam stream is converted to heat as a heat source for melting metals under high vacuum. The abbreviation is EBM.


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